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Your schengen freedom is our humiliation!

Your schengen freedom is our humiliation!
By Olha Samborska

Appeal to European civil society on humiliation of Eastern Europeans on the Schengen border’s markline.

Recently great invisible for the EU citizens “war” on Ukrainian/ European Union borderline has been started. Locations of  it  are borders, ports, airports, embassies. “War”, by definition, is accompanied by acts of injustice, violence, punishment, chaos and tears. Unfortunately with expantion of the  Shengen border to the East, the situation gets worse, especially on the Ukrainian frontage’s line. Some example of it highlighted in BBC’s reportage Ukraine’s visa travails with the EU . Please check mentioned links be able to follow.

We  concern humiliation on Eastern European frontier of Schengen border.

We make an appeal to the European civil society to help us stop it!

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