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Ukraine under pressure of capital and absent of it

“Blessfulare those whowere born in transitional period from real socialism to non-real capitalism since they will be satisfied in the heaven”

post-soviet catechisms

Transitional period in ten years can be considered too long for so-called transitional. Unconsciously the need of some stabilization or arriving from point A to point B pushes citizens of transitional countries react appropriately. Ukraine is not exception from the rule and it tries to realize where to it arrives after 10 years “meandering from Egypt trough a desert into Blessing land”. In those time as Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma tries underline his arriving in point B by binding his corrupted dictatorship, plebiscite tries woke up and pulls or in starting point (return to real-socialism past) or want something completely new. Only what unites all of them is seeking for achieving welfare, but one group wants it for everybody, another – just for chosen. A way for achieving it is also one, universal, the president’s institute of power, which strongly defends national interests.

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