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E-mail: samborska@gmx.de
skype: olgasamborska


Date of birth – 8 November 1967

Place of birth – Kryve Ozero, Mykolajivska region, Ukraine

Educational activities:

1975 – 1985 – secondary school

1985 – 1990 – Kiev’s State’s University. T. Shevchenko, biological faculty,

department of genetic. diploma: biologist/geneticist, researcher.

1985 – 1990 – English language curse provided by Kiev’s Institute of Foreign


1987 – 1990 curse of journalism, department of journalism, Kiev’s State


1995 –  1998 –  postgraduate course at Kiev’s Scientific Research Institute of Cell

Biology and Genetic Engineering.

1998 – Fellowship Program: Non-governmental sector in CEE in the Regional

Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Budapest, Hungary.

2001-2003 – German language curses, VHS, Berlin, Germany.

2002-2003 – Publischer/in for digital Media, Animation and Design (I-BH GMBH, Berlin, Germany).

2007- course “ Become freelance”, Dettmann Consulting, Berlin, Germany.

2006 – 2007 – uprade curse „Skilled employee for Bioinformatik“ (Gläsernes Labor, Berlin-Buch, Germany)

2008 – Assessment-Center ( Life e.v., Berlin, Germany)

2009 – bicultural crossmedial advanced training on journalism (BildungsWerk in Kreuzberg GMBH, Berlin

Other activities:

1985 – 20011 – independent journalist and political acvtivist on human rights and

environment issues, writer, publicist.

1995 – 1999 – manager of non-governmental organization “Informational and

Publishing Center “Green dossier”, Kiev, Ukraine.

1996 1999– founder and president of Non-government organization “Centavria”, Kiev, Ukraine.

1996 – 2004 – participation in various International seminars and conferences on

human rights issue: Luxemburg, 1998, Netherlands, 1999; Hungary, 1999, Bulgaria, 1999, Germany, 1998; Switzerland, 1999, Canada, 2000, England, 2000 etc.

1998 – 2000 – editor and translator of English/Russian electronic newsletter

Tusovka (http://www.savanne.ch/tusovka/index.en.html)

May, 1999 – organiser of seminar “Globalization, Gender and Genetic Engineering with focus “Central and Eastern Europe”, Tabor, Czech Republic.

2000 2005– founder of Information and Publishing Center “Alarm!!!”, Tabor, Czech Republic.

2004 – organiser of “Media and xenophobia” conference (http://www.eyfa.org/tabor-may.html)

2005 – creation of Check Point East internet-platform (http://www.checkpointeast.info)

2006 –organizer of the “Mine don’t understand yours” seminar, Berlin, Germany (http://www.checkpointeast.info/en/callout.html)

2005 till now – moderator of multilingual Spotykach-maling list (https://lists.eyfa.org/mailman/listinfo/spotykach)

2007 – independent journalistic investigation of human right abuse of ukrainian migrants in Germany (www.samborska.wordpress.com)

2008 – founder of Ukraine Kompetenz Zentrum platform in Berlin, Germany (www.ukz-berlin.de)

Since 2009 till now editor of an on-line portal “Immigrada/Immigraniada” in Ukrainian, English and German languages: ( http://ukrajinciberlinu.wordpress.com/ and http://deukrainians.wordpress.com/ with focus on human right’s and eastern european migration)

Since 2009 – member of Journalistenverbandes Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. , Germany

2010 – producer of film “Im Schatten illegaler Arbeitsmigration


Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Polish, English, German.


MS-Office, Web-publishing, Internet, E-mail, Mailing-list, Blogs etc.

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